Bliss Show CLub

Bliss ShowClub is located in North Phoenix. They have some awesome Happy Hour Specials. $5 steaks til 9PM on Fridays. Webmaster Note: Called on a Monday Afternoon and was greated by a very friendly and polite manager. Probably one of the nicest managers I have ever spoken to. Asked a few questions and he gladly answered. Said they normally have about 6-7 girls working during the afternoons, and more arrive during the night shifts. Not exactly a high volume type of establishment, but its about the quality not the quantity. They seem to put a lot of effort into their marketing. Website is not the best looking but it is very informative, plus gives links to their Google + and twitter feeds, which are updated daily. The decor is not the most upscale ( going from their website pictures ), but considering their prices, its a great value. If you want to see some girls, eat a good meal, and are on a budget this could be your new home!

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